Resolution on Reorganization (2016)

WHEREAS our organization has been functioning autonomously for several years without the benefit of oversight from the Oklahoma Republican Assembly (OKRA) and the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA); and,

WHEREAS our membership in OKRA and NFRA imposes certain restrictions on our membership, operations, and endorsements; and,

WHEREAS our organization believes that an independent course would be most conducive to our efforts at this time;

THEREFORE be it RESOLVED that the Sooner Republican Assembly shall reorganize itself as an independent organization, as follows.

  1. The Sooner Republican Assembly changes its name to Oklahoma Conservative Assembly.
  2. Oklahoma Conservative Assembly hereby voluntarily resigns its membership in OKRA, in accordance with Section 6.05 of OKRA’s bylaws.
  3. Oklahoma Conservative Assembly hereby voluntarily resigns its membership in NFRA, in accordance with Section 6.21 of NFRA’s bylaws.
  4. The Board of Directors of the Sooner Republican Assembly as it stood on 31 March 2016—
    • President: Jared Byrns
    • Vice President: Mark Hamm
    • Secretary: Kathy McBlair
    • Treasurer & Chaplain: John Greening
    • Sergeant-at-Arms: Steve Byas
    • —shall remain in place for Oklahoma Conservative Assembly for the remainder of the term to which the Board members were elected.
  5. Oklahoma Conservative Assembly shall retain all records, funds, accounts, membership and mailing lists of the Sooner Republican Assembly.
  6. The President shall prepare a proposal for an amended set of Bylaws that removes the NFRA- and OKRA-required wording and reflects the reorganization of Oklahoma Conservative Assembly; he shall then present the proposal to the Board of Directors within thirty (30) days for approval or amendment by the Board.
  7. The Secretary and Treasurer are authorized to take any steps needed to change the name on our accounts from Sooner Republican Assembly to Oklahoma Conservative Assembly, or open new accounts on the group’s behalf; they shall be the authorized signers on all group accounts.
  8. Members who prefer not to retain membership in Oklahoma Conservative Assembly after its resignation from NFRA and OKRA shall be entitled to a full refund of their 2016 dues; to receive a refund, they must request it in writing from the Treasurer by 1 June 2016, and he shall remit said refund within thirty (30) days.
  9. The Secretary shall assemble a list of remaining current paid members in good standing as soon as possible after 1 June 2016 and present it to the Board.
  10. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial report to distribute copies to members at the convention on 21 May 2016.
  11. Oklahoma Conservative Assembly shall cease using the name and logo of the Republican Assemblies, acknowledging that they are the intellectual property of NFRA.
  12. The President and/or the Secretary shall notify NFRA in writing of the chapter’s resignation as soon as practical.
  13. Oklahoma Conservative Assembly expresses its thanks to OKRA and NFRA for the opportunity to be part of their organization for the last decade and wishes them the best as we continue to pursue our shared goal of promoting conservative principles.

Adopted by Oklahoma Conservative Assembly
1 May 2016
at Moore, Oklahoma