Resolution of Support for Israel (2017)

Adopted by a unanimous vote of the members of the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly at Moore on March 9, 2017.

Whereas American and Israeli societies have a similar historic foundation in our shared Judeo-Christian values; and,

Whereas we recognize the unique role the Nation of Israel has played in God’s redemptive plans for mankind; and,

Whereas the modern State of Israel is the Middle East’s foremost functioning example of a free society and one of America’s most faithful allies;

Therefore, be it resolved by the members of the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly that:

1. We express our appreciation of and continued support for Israel;

2. We encourage our government to maintain and strengthen the ties of friendship between our two countries;

3. We oppose any policies, treaties, agreements, or resolutions that undermine the sovereignty of the State of Israel or draw a false moral equivalency between the State of Israel and those bent on her destruction; and,

4. We pray for the peace and freedom of Israel and all her residents from every background.