Resolution of Commendation

Commending Representatives Paul Wesselhoft, Jon Echols, and Mark McBride, and County Commissioners Darry Stacy and Rod Cleveland for their service during the
May 2013 Tornado recovery and rebuilding efforts

Whereas, Representatives Wesselhoft, Echols, and McBride, and Commissioners Cleveland and Stacy selflessly dedicated themselves to the recovery and rebuilding efforts throughout the affected area at great personal sacrifice, to serve their constituents affected by these storms; and,

Whereas, In addition to their normal duties as legislators they went above and beyond, securing assistance from State agencies to help the community rebuild; and,

Whereas, Representatives McBride and Echols started a private organization and have raised over a million dollars for storm shelters in schools without the need of the government; and,

Whereas, All of these men at these difficult times showed their dedication to their districts and all citizens affected by these tragedies

Now Let It Therefore Be Resolved, The Sooner Republican Assembly commends Representatives Wesselhoft, Echols, and McBride, and Commissioners Stacy and Cleveland for their service and sacrifice to the people of Oklahoma affected by these tragic events; we wish to thank them and their families for the examples of public servants they were to both the state and the nation during these difficult times.

Adopted by the Sooner Republican Assembly
May 24, 2014
Moore, Oklahoma