The Illusion of a Conservative State—meeting this Thursday 7/12

It appears that Oklahoma may not be the conservative state it appears to be. Either that, or we have allowed the word conservative to be redefined to the point that it has lost all meaning. In short, the 2018 primary election was pretty grim for small government constitutionalists. There were a few bright spots (Yen is OUT!!! And Cathy Costello and Linda Murphy made it to their respective runoffs), but it wasn’t a great night overall. Join us Thursday night, July 12 as we meet to discuss how to turn things around.

As always, we have dinner at 6pm along with lots of conversation. At 7pm, our meeting begins, and our speaker will be Dominique DaMonBlock, probably the most conservative candidate who ran for Lieutenant Governor. We’ll set aside time for Q&A, and we’ll probably reserve some time to bring back “the Bully Pulpit” as well. If you’d like 2 minutes to get something off your chest about the elections, let Jared or John know before the meeting starts, and we’ll set aside time at the end of the meeting.

Summer is busy with vacations, etc., but we have to remain diligent. The Progressives and RINOs always keep pushing; we have to be prepared always to advance the cause of liberty. We hope to see you Thursday, July 12 at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore.

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