April Meeting: Is there anyone left worth endorsing?

At our April and May meetings, we’ll be considering this question. Instead of holding a convention where we hear stump speeches from candidates and decide on the basis of their 5-minute presentation whether or not they are conservative (a process that seems wholly inadequate in light of the fact that supermajorities of the Republicans in the legislature have just voted to pass historic tax increases), we’re going to listen to the views of the grassroots.

In our early days, when we were part of OKRA, we would meet in the State House Chambers to engage in a back-and-forth between grassroots conservatives from across the state, debating the views, philosophy, and character of those candidates.

We are going back to those roots this year. Though we’ll begin before the filing period, we are asking our members to research the announced candidates for office, statewide and in central Oklahoma. Come prepared to discuss the pros and cons of each before we put them to a vote in April or May.

We will send our own questionnaire to local candidates before the May meeting (it’s not quite ready yet). In April, we’ll begin with discussing the higher profile statewide and federal races; even without our questionnaire, there should be more information out there regarding these candidates.

Non-members will be able to vote in a straw poll; only members will be able to debate or vote on endorsements. Endorsements, should we make any, require 2/3 of our members to vote in favor and the approval of our Board of Directors.

Join us at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore on Thursday, April 12. Dinner is from 6-7 pm, and the meeting begins at 7.


Membership Information:

    • If you’d like to join OCA, click here.
    • If you need to renew your membership, click here.
    • Membership requires an annual donation of $15/person or $25/family.



  1. Is anyone going to try to cancel the new taxes? I bought a new car and they changed the 3.5% tax to 4.4% last July. I have bought a house in Texas and changed my residence with a great tax savings.


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