Liberty in the Next Generation

Liberty in the Next Generation

Thursday, March 8

The speakers for our next meeting will be the brother-sister duo of Benjamin and Julia Bender. They are activists for constitutional principles and were among the founders of Young Patriots for Liberty (

They will be speaking about what they have learned in their efforts to reach millennials with the message of liberty. Conservatives cannot allow progressive indoctrination of future voters and leaders to go unchallenged. We must step up our outreach efforts and support those who are already in the trenches.

Join us next Thursday, March 8 at Earl’s Rib Palace in Moore. Dinner is at 6 pm, and the meeting is from 7-8 pm. Time permitting, there will be a question and answer time at the end.

In other News…

The Oklahoma Second Amendment Association ( is doing some good work during this legislative session in preserving Oklahomans’ inalienable right to self-defense. You can view their coverage of Rep. Jeff Coody speaking on behalf of the Constitutional Carry bill (HB 2951) here.

Read David Van Risseghem‘s article on how the left is fighting Rep. Tom Gann‘s teacher pay raise bill (HB 3440) here.

And our own Steve Byas writes about Mike Pence, Joy Behar, and the marginalization of Christianity. Read the article here.

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