OCA Hosts de Cardenas, Endorses Brumbaugh

Last week, the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly hosted local conservative activist, Rafael de Cardenas. De Cardenas was born in Cuba and witnessed first-hand the brutality of Fidel Castro’s 1959 Communist Revolution. He shared his experiences, including what it meant to escape, come to America, and work for a better life. His story also reinforces the urgency of defending freedom in the United States today. As Ronald Reagan said, “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on earth.” The full video of his presentation is available, along with other conservative speakers, on the OCA’s Youtube channel.

18447044_1885653464983435_8285698449600333677_nAfter State Rep. David Brumbagh (R-Broken Arrow, 93% Conservative Index lifetime score) passed away on April 15, his wife, Shelley Brumbaugh, announced at the Oklahoma State Republican Convention on May 9 that she would be running in the special election to fill the remainder of his term. At the OCA’s last monthly meeting before the summer, member Donna Byas spoke on Mrs. Brumbaugh’s behalf about her character and conservative convictions. In light of these considerations, as well as her late husband’s exemplary Conservative service and her pledge at the convention to “continue his work,” Byas moved that the OCA officially endorse Mrs. Brumbaugh for the special election in House District 76. After further discussion, Shelley Brumbagh received the unanimous endorsement of the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly. The Republican primary will take place on August 8, with the General Election following on November 14. For more information, visit her campaign’s Facebook page.

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