March Meeting Notes: Taylor Endorsement, Israel Resolution, and Spaulding Challenges Republican Officials

OCA Endorses Zack Taylor for State House

Zack Taylor
(photo borrowed from his campaign site)

Meeting in Moore on March 9, the members of the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly (OCA) voted to endorse Zack Taylor (R-Seminole) in the May 9 special election for State Representative in House District 28, encompassing all of Seminole County and far northern Pottawatomie County. OCA President Jared Byrns, a resident of the district, brought up the election and shared information about Taylor’s positions and qualifications, saying he believes Taylor to be “a genuine conservative and a good man.” After his presentation, former Seminole resident Bruce Fleming offered a motion that the OCA endorse Taylor as the clear conservative choice in the race; the motion was seconded by Cleveland County’s District Committeeman, John Greening.

A 2/3 majority of the membership is required to issue an endorsement in any race, but Taylor’s endorsement was unanimous. Taylor is only the fifth person in the group’s 12-year history to receive a unanimous vote (following Rep. Paul Wesselhöft, Sen. Anthony Sykes, Sen. Kyle Loveless, and Rep. Kevin West), and is the first ever to receive a unanimous endorsement without appearing in person. Taylor owns and operates aa oil and gas company based in Seminole

Taylor owns and operates a small oil and gas production company based in Seminole, and recently won the 4-way GOP primary with 57% of the vote. He is seeking to replace Rep. Tom Newell, who resigned in December to take a job in the private sector. Taylor’s campaign website can be found at

Dave Spaulding Challenges Officials’ Un-Republican Behavior


Also at this month’s OCA meeting, former Cleveland County GOP Chairman, Dave Spaulding, spoke about guarding the integrity of the Republican Party. Spaulding was invited to speak because of controversial comments he made as the outgoing chairman during the 2017 Cleveland County Convention. In his farewell speech, Spaulding blasted politicians who campaign as Republicans and get elected as Republicans, but who fail to govern as Republicans–calling some by name.

Speaking to the OCA, he elaborated on his previous comments, saying that grassroots Republicans must hold our elected officials accountable for doing what they promise, regardless of our personal friendships with them. His calls for us to help find new jobs for elected Republicans who do not govern like Republicans were met with approval throughout the room.

He blasted “Republican” policies like Gov. Mary Fallin‘s tax increases on everyday activities, Sen. Anthony Sykes‘ attempts to stop civil asset forfeiture reform, and Sen. Ervin Yen‘s proposals to force vaccines on children over parents’ religious and philosophical objections and to require consenting to free access to one’s cell phones by the police as a condition for obtaining a driver’s license.

Pointing out Republican supermajorities in both houses of the legislature, Spaulding said, “When they grow government, when they mess up, if we say nothing, we own it.”

OCA Reaffirms Support for Israel

Members of the OCA also voted unanimously approved a resolution affirming the group’s continued support for the State of Israel and American policies favorable to its sovereignty. Board members proposed the resolution in response to the recent influence of the alt-right in conservative circles as well as the way the previous administration recently, in the words of one member, “stabbed Israel in the back at the UN Security Council,” referring to Resolution 2334, which passed last December 23. The OCA’s Resolution on Support for Israel can be read here.

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