July 2016 Meeting: The Conservative Insurgency

Primary Challengers Continue to Challenge the Status Quo

Congressional candidates we endorsed. Photo: James Taylor.

The word conservative is misapplied so often as to render it almost meaningless, allowing elected officials to repeatedly betray Constitutional principles while still claiming to be “conservative” back home. The Oklahoma Conservative Assembly proudly endorsed a number of candidates in the 2016 primaries who pushed back to reclaim the word conservative. Some won; some lost; but the fight continues. Two of these ladies we endorsed will be our guest speakers on Thursday, July 14.


Desiree Brown of Hennessey ran for the 3rd Congressional against Frank Lucas, who is now seeking election to his 12th term. Brooke McGowan of Choctaw challenged State Senator Ron Sharpe of Shawnee, and came very close to an upset. These ladies will be speaking about their campaigns, their future plans, and how we can continue to advance conservative principles after the elections are over.

We meet at Earl’s Rib Palace, 920 SW 25th St in Moore. Dinner starts at 6 pm, and the program starts at 6:45 pm. You’re invited to join us.

A New Name

If you don’t recognize the name, you may be wondering why you’re getting this email. Who is the Oklahoma Conservative Assembly, and how did we get your email?

We are the former Sooner Republican Assembly, under a different name. After an 11-year relationship with the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, we decided that the time had come to disaffiliate from the NFRA and reorganize as an independent group. We announced the results of this vote to the public during our June meeting, and we hope that this move will give us added flexibility and the potential for greater growth as we move forward. We do thank the NFRA for their past support and wish them the best as we continue to work toward similar goals.

If you have paid dues to the SRA for 2016 and do not wish to remain in the new group, please contact John Greening for a full refund.

We hope to see you on Thursday!

Jared Byrns
OCA President